Sandrine Willems was born in 1968 and has actively been involved with drama since she was twelve, impersonating a variety of characters (amongst which Molière and Corneille ís Psyche, in 1986) in several companies. In her quality as an actress, she also took part in a number of film shootings (such as Toute une nuit [All Night Long, 1982], by Chantal Akerman). She then took up philosophy, obtaining her doctorís degree with a thesis on Georges Bataille and reverted once more to theatre, graduating in theatrical arts in Strasbourg and receiving training in stage engineering. She has now taken up directing and scripting for both television and film. She also published three novels, Una voce poco fa, un chant de Maria Malibran (Autrement), Le roman dans les ronces and Le sourire de Bérénice (Les Impressions Nouvelles), and twelve short stories, Les Petits dieux (Les Impressions Nouvelles).


Production of Fiction Films:

La Comédie qui pleure, 1995, filmlet.

Love on four legs (La Tendresse sur pattes), 1997, filmlet; award for the best Belgian short film at the Ghent Movie Festival.

Si j’avais dix mots pour te parler d’elle, 1999, clip produced on the occasion of the tenth anniversary of Canal + Belgium.

Dreamers (Les Rêveurs), 2000, medium-length feature, 55'.


Production of Documentary Films:

Philippe Herreweghe, and the word beccame song (Philippe Herreweghe, et le Verbe s’est fait chant), 1999, 56', co-produced by Arte, selected in the FIPA contest in Biarritz.

Renaissance Voices, interpreted by Paul Van Nevel (Chants et Soupirs des Renaissants, selon Paul Van Nevel), 52’, co-produced by Canvas and CBA, 2001.


Stage Engineering for Theatre Production:

La Princesse Blanche [The White Princess] by Rilke, 1991, at the Théâtre du Tambourin in Strasbourg.

Una voce poco fa, ou un chant de Maria Malibran, written by the author and staged in the summer 2000, within the framework of the Brussels 2000 Festival.



The last shot (Le Dernier plan), 1999, feature film, co-scripted and directed by Benoît Peeters.

In progress: A corps perdu, feature film, co-scripted with Kita Bauchet.



Les Rats, 1998, curtain-raiser, staged by Jacques Nichet during a master class for comedians at the Théâtre National.

Una voce poco fa, short version.



Una voce poco fa, un chant de Maria Malibran, long version, published by editions Autrement, collection Littératures, 2000.

Les petits dieux, bestiary, Les Impressions nouvelles, 2001-2002.

Le roman dans les ronces, novel, Les Impressions nouvelles, 2003.

Le Sourire de Bérénice, novel, Les Impressions nouvelles, 2004


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