Directed by Sandrine Willems

Fiction — Betacam digital - 2000


They are wandering on a Northern beach. It is all white and deserted. They remember what has not taken place. They are hoping for what will not happen. One has dedicated his life to his train, which is no longer running; the other to his pigeons, who are never coming back.

Until the real awakes them brutally: it can be love, it can be war.




Olga : Laure Pointeau

Klaus : André Lenaerts

Jules : Rudy Goddin

Ania : Serap Güven

Le curé : Daniel Donies

Hugo : Jean-Michel Vovk

Gunar : Bernard Graczyk

Victor : Ewald Chikovsky

Pierrot : Loïc Scalbert


screenplay Sandrine Willems

photography Guy Talin

sound Jean Timmerman

set decoration Chantal Talbot

Wim Klewais

editing Monique Rysselinck

sound editing and mixing Jean-Jacques Quinet

original music Ivan Georgiev

production assistant Patricia Kilesse

producer Benoît Peeters




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